Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome, Spring

Our heads are buzzing with spring and we cannot think straight. Here is a short game to welcome the arrival of spring today. Match the descriptions in the paragraphs with the photos. Don't think too hard, just breathe it in. If everything looks mixed up, that's okay - Happy spring.

1. Baby Brush Rabbit saved from spring-crazed ranch cat.

2. Willow Catkins capturing pollen early so that seeds can develop, drop, float and then germinate on the edge of the shrinking pond.

3. Brown Towhee fluffing up his down after a spring shower

4. California Buckeye Buds - one of the first deciduous trees to pop (and to lose) its leaves.

5. Blue-eyed Grass which is not a grass and not really blue-eyed but you will have to wait a few more days for the flower evidence.

6. Bunny Butt thus proving that it is a brush rabbit rather than a cottontail and it is okay to look at butts.

7. Popcorn Flower - learn and look for the seedheads from last year to detect the young plants of this year's wildflowers.

8. Buckeye Moon - California buckeye loosening its new leaves under the last of the winter's full moons.

9. Go Outside and Play


  1. Ok..
    This was fun. Happy first day of spring...Michelle

  2. wow--you've added a lot since I last looked. I hope to find some time to read it over the weekend. I love all the photos!

  3. Well, Michelle was first and I'm sure her answers are correct. :)
    Lovely post!

    (I came over from Michelle's Nature Notes.)

  4. Maybe I will make it a little harder next time. One of those mysterious things that even I can't figure out. Like how the toad eggs got outside of the tube!


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