Monday, May 4, 2009

The Big 5-0

Monday was my birthday.

I had to work, but that's okay because I got to spend the
and saw a rainbow.

I had breakfast with my favorite tailed friend.

The boys gave me a loaf of artichoke bread which we ate while checking for frogs, then they fixed my brush cutter. I'm excited about chopping up thistles this weekend. Every girl needs a Stihl and sweet guys who help her fix it.

I wore my favorite boots.

I stopped at the art store to get bright green and electric pink calligraphy ink for dipping rattlesnake tails.

I did a crooked headstand in yoga class and kept thinking, "I'm happy. I'm upside down. I'm so happy. "

This year I will go outside and play, tell lots of stories and only brush my hair when I want to. Was that 50 or 8 years old?

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