Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring 2015 - Full Throttle Ahead

Just another photo of California poppy.
First poppy blooming this year at Dipper gate.
Does that look like a February sky?
Eschscholzia californica, 2/12/15.      
Since we haven't had a winter (sorry, Boston), it's kinda disingenuous to say that spring is early in California and moving quickly.

But there's no way to keep up with it.

So, every few days I'm gonna try to post quick spots about what is happening now and since spring started (in January!!!). And in no particular order since plants and animals are early or orderly or everything in between as we go into our fourth year of drought.

Fasten your seatbelt.

Another common California native perennial: blue-eyed grass.
Sisyrinchium bellum 3/14/15   
The spring wildflower season has started.  Everywhere. So far, no spectacular spreads of wildflowers in the Santa Cruz Mountains but definitely a jamming of early and midseason flowers. As with last year, the perennials have grabbed what little water fell from the sky this winter and are outcompeting the annuals.

Here is my list of some of the best wildflower spots in the Santa Cruz Mountains:
Discovering Wildflowers in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Of those, I've heard recent reports of nice wildflower blooms for Coyote Ridge, Edgewood Park, Alum Rock Park, etc. Just go outside and hike.

Lots of conversations about blooms throughout the state, especially the desert, at: the calphoto yahoo group.

See additional wildflower links by choosing the Links tab above.

Sometimes when I come home, there's a note tucked into the lock at my gate.
That's how we communicate in the country.     

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