Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunshine Work Load

Beautiful weather and I spend all my energy outside. Lots to post about: thistle bashing, green rattle, purple rattle, several curious and furious gopher snakes, velvet ant, but the biggest news - the treefrog tadpoles are morphing. There are smallish tadpoles without legs, big tadpoles with legs, tiny treefrogs on the pond edge with tail stumps, and young treefrogs without tails at the Plum Pond. It's hopping with aquatic and aerial insects and nesting birds. The Newt Pond hasn't completely dried up yet but it's getting low and murky with lots of treefrog and toad tadpoles. I even saw a newtlet secretly swimming about the shallows. The cattle like to watch me mow, they sneak into the yard when I am working, and sometimes I give them thistles for dessert. And a big toad visitor one night (photo above). It will probably be another week before I get stories and photos up. So go outside and play.

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  1. Your life sounds blessed. The little frog is cute.


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