Tuesday, May 12, 2009



What would you do if you found this healthy rattlesnake sunning in front of your open garage door?
  • Would you back over it with the car and kill it? Grab the shovel hanging in the corner of the garage and chop off its head? Blow it away with a shotgun?
  • Would you scoot it into a bucket with a shovel and release it far, far away? Snag it with snake tongs and a net? Lasso it with a noose?
  • Ignore it and hope you never see it again? Pretend you didn't see it and hope it goes away? Run screaming the other direction until someone else makes a decision?
What would you do?


Tell me what you would do. Share your thoughts why. Then I will tell you what I did.

PS: if you click on the photo, you can get a closer look at what this fellow is doing with his tail. I haven't figured that out yet.


  1. Well Cindy Happy BD.
    Just chase the snake off and go about my business, but that’s me. DT

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I would chase it to the side and go, but I don't live with rattlesnakes so what do I know?

    I just think that you've probably not seen this guy just at the door to the garage so if you chase him away he'll think the garage door is a scary place and sun somewhere else.

  3. I've encountered plenty of rattlesnakes on hikes and such, but never close to home or in the way. They were usually resting peacefully off the side of the trail, and I never bothered them.

    I've caught and moved kingsnakes and gopher snakes, only bitten once by a very young and defensive gopher snake. If equipped with good snake tongs, and if it was a cool day, I *might* consider moving the rattler if I really REALLY had to move the car. But my general lack of confidence in myself would probably trump this idea.

    More likely, I would put up a chair at a safe distance and just watch it for a while, take some pictures, and just chill. Hopefully it would warm up enough and move away, and not into my garage!


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