Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Explaining Land Management to Cows

Cows: Whatcha' doing?

Me:  Looking for bad guys.

Are you still looking?

Yes.  Just ignore me.

How can you look when you are sitting down?

I'm a mom, I have eyes in the back of my head.


And I have binoculars.  Cows, you are blowing my cover.  Just act normal and keep moving.

But you are on our road.  People are never on our road.  And they usually do not set their backpack on a cow patty.

Can you just move along?

We'll be bad guys.  You can watch us butt heads.

I'm not cut out for this surveillance business.  I think I'll go look for flowers.

We're gonna look for grass.

Okay, don't forget to eat thistles.

This cow is my current favorite because she is brown and fuzzy like my couch.


  1. Brilliant! (Nearly said "udderly brilliant", but wasn't sure if that was anatomically correct for this bunch. Cows do come in bunches, don't they?)


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