Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fat Does

Swelling doe 4/16/12
Who is going to see the first fawn this year?

Heavy doe tottering around in the early morning 5/3/12
Right now in late April, the does are fat. Their sides are swelling under the tension of 8 maybe 12 long legs in there. Although they are probably born several weeks earlier, most years I first see the fawns in May.  Last year it was May 21.

I bet Biobabbler will see a fawn first because even though she is way up in elevation in the Sierras where spring happens later, she sees stuff. So shout it out when you first see a fawn and where. Photos would be nice but not necessary. The predators are holding their breath too.

Fawn fannies 6/19/12


  1. Sunday, May 19 was my first fawn sighting at a friend's house across town. She said the fawns started appearing the first full week of May, about 2 weeks later than in past years. On my side of the peninsula, the last 2 weeks of May is when I first start seeing them. And, sure enough Monday was my first sighting at home. I may get a blog post up on this.

  2. It's up:


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