Saturday, June 1, 2013

Busy, Busy

Grazed hillsides in late spring on the Dipper Ranch.
Soon the cattle will be leaving at the end of their grazing season. Things will get quieter.
How's your late spring going? Busy, busy? Lots of interesting things happening at the Dipper Ranch and in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Seems like the only time I have to write is on sticky notes while washing the dishes.

Here's what I am working on:

weeds, snakes, cattle, no water, mowing, tracks, mountain lions, wildlife cameras, native grasses, fawns, rare plants . . .  Some fun stuff should be coming soon.


  1. Yup. Totally busy. Lots of work, starting & watering the garden, and the usual chores, etc., making for an extra busy time. =)

    I'm envious you still have green grass. Ours is very much blonde and hard, already.

    That photograph has SPECTACULAR LIGHTING, phew! =) Nicely captured.

  2. I'm looking forward to the orange reptile. :)

  3. BB: we've been having many days with clouds and filtered fog banks creating incredible light conditions.

    ID: someone gave me an ENTIRE BOOK to read about one of the spectacularly orange reptiles, so I might have to go with the coon tracker story next.

  4. wow, beautiful country! it's just amazing.


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