Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sharps at Sunset

A large buck crosses the driveway and heads down the hill at sunset.  
I am working on a post about deer at the Newt Spring in late summer and early fall. So many different deer families and they are regrouping this time of year. My notes are something likes this:

  • doe, one fawn
  • doe, one fawn, yearling doe
  • doe, spike buck
  • 2x2 buck
  • really big 2x2 buck
  • doe, two fawns
  • big 2x2 buck with L antler peeling
  • 2.25x2 buck
And then there are notes about cuts or spot on the ears to try and further sort them out.

There are a lot of deer. They should wear name tags.


  1. A reader has pointed out offline that posting information about the deer herd at the Dipper Ranch might encourage poaching. I would like to be able to share observations about the way the deer herd organizes itself in different types of family groups and how it changes throughout the year. It is a frustrating thought that some people might use that information to poach those same natural resources. I guess I could just share information on the does and fawns and not the bucks but that is just part of the story. Any advice from other readers on what I should do?

  2. Really? That's too bad. Not being into hunting, it would have never occurred to me. I know a fellow blogger who doesn't name locations of orchids he finds for a similar reason.


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