Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Shrouded Bulb

Gopher skull, seedlings of filaree, popcorn flower and grasses.
Anyone else out there feeling a little bipolar what with the full moon and the first treacherous kiss of spring rains? I see tiny seedlings coming up two months late and I say, "You're gonna die. There's no more rain coming. Sorry."

There's hopeful life and impassive death all around. Life and death, it's all part of a cycle, right, nothing unusual. Just look for the loop I tell myself and it will all make sense. But when I reach out to detect its invisibleness, I get nothing not even the delayed snap of a spider strand.

I am a soap plant. I present my simple leaves to the moon and she approves of their sinuosity. If I bloom at all this year, it will be low to the ground and just long enough to feed the moths. To save the energy, I'll abort those seeds and the gusts at summer dusk will blow them into cracks in the soil all around me. I will survive this drought by slowing breaking down one cellulose wall after another in my shrouded bulb. See you another year cute little seedlings.


  1. I'm totally there re: weird spring life & death thing, so I'm v. glad I read this today. As I posted today, in the back of our property, tiny yellow violets have sprung up next to a partial spinal column and pelvis. I will always love biology, but probably never get over that whole death thing. Apparently, though, it's not required. Maybe it's a stronger message with the drought we're experiencing here. Each year, though, no matter what the combination of environmental factors, SOMETHING does well.

    Guess I'll just try to think happy thoughts, and keep visiting my garden to stare at the dirt where I've tossed tiny seeds & planted tubers. Waiting and hoping.

  2. Saw your post on seedlings and spine today and wondered if you will find the skull nearby. So much easier to ID with the skull. I wasn't sure of the scale on that. Mark Elbroch's Animal Skulls is fantastic for ID and just fun to flip through and look at all the photos and sketches.


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