Friday, December 30, 2011

Tooth, Nail, Beak or Bone?

Katie at Nature ID and I are having a conversation about animal sign on vegetation.  I'm posting these photos for her  and will followup later with details.  I enjoy sharing info online with other nature bloggers - it's a great way to complement our learning.  More photos at "Read More"

In the meantime, the frogs and newts are still waiting for that love potion to start falling from the sky.

The next three photos are now described at this post:

The straight line tracks below are now described at this post:


  1. Interesting series. I do not take note of animal sign as much as I should. After seeing this I will do so from now on.

  2. Thanks, Cindy, for the mention. I'm looking forward to reading the details. Based on your one camera angle, I'm assuming the roughed-up bark places were higher than eye-level? Hmm, those odd tracks look familiar. I hope Ken has commented to help you out.

  3. Heya Cindy! Looks like you have quite the range of tree de-barkers on the Dipper. I'd eduguess photos #2 and 3 to be a sapsucker. As for the shredded branches - could be gray squirrels stripping bark for their dreys. Or, if they're low to the ground, bucks rubbing their horns to get the velvet off will often leave marks like that (but that would have happened in Octoberish).

    Ah - animal mysteries!

  4. I'm looking forward to the coming details.

    (And as an editor, I'm appreciating your correct usage of "complement"!)

  5. argh, haven't had time to provide the backstory on these photos. Tonight you can blame it on the fabulous moon! I can say that all the photos have been taken within the last 2 weeks and on the Dipper Ranch and you've made some really good observations.


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