Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Night Has a Comet and a Lion

Comet PANSTARRS - thanks to sky-aware friends who point out these things.
We saw the Comet PANSTARRS from the Dipper Ranch gate tonight. A herd of five deer were watching too, or perhaps, as someone suggested, the deer were looking to see who was making all that racket. Just sitting in lawn chairs at the gate in the dark with binoculars and cameras. Such a pleasant way to spend a late winter evening. Meanwhile, a mountain lion has showed up several times on a wildlife camera on a remote part of the ranch. Mostly at night.

Mountain lion in the morning captured by a wildlife camera.
We are keeping the kids and pets close to the house, not wandering too far at night, and no-one is allowed to walk down to that section of the ranch alone at any time of day.

We aren't too worried. Mountain lions have been here a long time. We are just more aware of them now that technology is giving us snapshots of their secret lives.

Still, first thing in the morning when I wake up I wonder what that lion is doing.
And last thing at night.
When I am washing the dishes.
And when I am dancing Cat King Cole around the living room.

That lion is not thinking a whit about me.
Nor is the comet.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting thoughts on the lion…. puma.
    Me thinks the technology we are using is showing that the lion…. puma is not the beast once thought. David


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